The Smart Device by YourWelcome for All The Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb or short term home letting services are here to stay and the best thing that people can do is come up with new ways to upgrade the experience. Actually, one firm has already gone ahead to make an improvement by creating a subscription service that will allow homeowners to use a tablet that will help them. The tablet is bespoke and will help the homeowners post videos, track their guests as well as recommend services using an application. This is YourWelcome.

YourWelcome is designed to provide the customers as well as the people providing accommodation services with an amazing experience when dealing with each other. They provide the Airbnb or similar services with a free tablet and in return they subscribe to their YourWelcome app. The free tablet will come with a free YourWelcome app installed with different features and services.

Airbnb Smart Device

Once you get it, you begin by recording a welcome message for the guests then post instructional videos for them and provide them with links to your local services. These services can be anything from restaurants, taxis or even theater tickets. YourWelcome offers different price deals with service providers like taxi companies in the hopes of providing the customers with revenue streams.

Once the guests arrive at the Airbnb, they receive their welcome gifts or whatever it is the hosts offer together with the tablet. This will help the guests notify the host of their arrival upon logging in and confirm if everything is to their liking. The guests can handle all aspects of the trip using the tablet as well as the YourWelcome app.

The hosts can use this to post information about the area, things to do as well as house rules. This also allows the hosts to view the guests’ feedback on what they searched for or the links they followed. With such information, the hosts can change recommendation depending on the results for their guests.

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YourWelcome app creates a personalized relationship between the hosts and their guests. Using the tablet as a neutral device instead of cramming ones phone with all these apps is also a great idea. Having a device showing the guests their way around makes things very easy for them and makes communication between host and guest quite easy without the need to meet face to face. Any required services like laundry, tickets or delivery can easily be purchased using the app, which will be very convenient.

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